Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Star Rock

Star Rock, was born in north east of England November 16th in 1991. He was very poor, his dad (Mike) worked for a clothes manufacturer, he was very high up, but didn’t get paid a lot. His mum (Lynne) didn’t work at all. Star Rock also had a brother, Harry, and two sisters, Lauren and Joanne.

Star Rock’s first memory was when he went to his first gig with his whole family. When the band got to the chorus they pulled him up onto the stage and asked to sing and play one of the band member’s guitars. It was at that moment that he knew he wanted to be a star!

At first, Star Rock was home schooled because his family couldn’t afford to send him. However, he didn’t have a good education! Consequently, at the age of 8 his mum signed him up for a local primary school because his dad got a raise so they could now afford it. Star Rock thoroughly enjoyed school and used to come home each night and tell his family all about what he had learned that day. One day his music teacher (Mr. McCredie) brought his guitar in; it was called the Gibson Les Paul. The music teacher let all the kids have a go at playing on it! He also let the children borrow it sometimes. They had to choose a card and if it was green, it was their turn to use it! Star Rock still remembers the day it was his turn! Three years later, Star Rock had some sadness in his life. His favourite music teacher had died suddenly of a heart attack! From that moment on he decided he would practice the guitar so he could make Mr. McCredie’s memory live on!

In 2002, Star Rock started Secondary School. It was a lot different. School work was a lot harder. Plus, he has to stay in school for another hour every day! However, every week he still goes down to Mr. McCredie’s grave and he plays the guitar that he gave him.

In 2007, he leaves school and gets a job in a garage as a car fixer. He gets paid $350 per week. He passed his test and moved out! He still has his guitar and practices all day, everyday in the hope of one day finding a band to play with.

In 2010, Star Rock finally got his dream! He met the other band members in Triple O’s. Jim, (Rock Star) Louise, (GaGa) and Mia (Pixie Flame) were sitting eating hamburgers and discussing their music, when he overhead them talking about their need for a drummer! Subsequently, Rock Star seized his moment and two months later, The Winged Weasels were formed!

Star Rock’s band has been very successful since that day. They are now getting ready for there first tour starting in Hong Kong! Their hit song is Broken Dreams that sold wildly across the globe!

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