Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pixie Flame

Pixie Flame, who was named Mia Elizabeth Konn at birth, was born on October 15th 1991 in the Matilda Hospital Hong Kong. She had a Mum, (Joanne) a Dad, (David) and a little sister (Ana). Coincidently, her parents both worked in the fashion industry. At the age of three months, suddenly Pixie and her family moved to Southend in Essex. Consequently, her younger sister was born in England, where they lived on the sea front in a cottage named ‘Sunny House.’ It had an amazing garden, with a view of the sea. Pixie also liked to work and sit in the garden.

Pixie’s earliest memory was when she was 4 and her dad bought her a guitar. At first she didn’t know what it was, but then her dad explained to her that it was an instrument. Her Dad (who wasn’t that much of a musician) taught her how to play it and over the years her family saw her passion for music grow!
When Pixie was four, she attended Southend Primary for girls. Aswell as music, she liked art and creative writing. One day after school she heard the school choir singing and decided to become a member. This would be the start of many great performances.

In 2001, she moved to Woodwell Secondary School. Although there was music, art and creative writing still, she never liked her high school experience! When she wasn’t at school, her spare time was usually spent painting, sitting in the garden or looking at CD’s.

After what seemed like decades, school was over for Pixie in 2006 and she got an apprentice with an artist. She worked hard for a man named Mr. Jones; who was always encouraging her to go further with her art work. He was very sad when after 4 years of studying art she had to give up and persue her dream of being a rock star.

In 2010, Pixie’s finally got his dream! She met the other band members in Triple O’s. Rickie, (Star Rock) Jim, (Rock Star) and Louise, (GaGa) were sitting eating hamburgers and discussing their music, when she overhead them talking about their need for a singer! Subsequently, Pixie seized her moment and two months later, The Winged Weasels were formed! Ga Ga played the bass guitar, Star Rock played the lead guitar and finally Rock Star was the drummer.

Currently, they are getting ready for their first tour of Asia. Their hit song is called Broken Dreams, which has sold widely across the globe!

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