Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock Star

Rock Star (real name Jim Taylor) was born on 1991 in Wimbledon, England. His mother was called Catharine and she worked as a clothes designer, and his Dad was called Mike and he was a banker. Also he had 2 sisters, one called Hannah and another called Claudia.

Rock Stars earliest memory was when he got his first play drum set, when he was two years old. Each day, after preschool, he went straight to his room without even getting a snack to eat and play on his little play drum set. His drum set was red - his favourite colour!

Rock Star didn’t mind school, but like all children they would rather stay at home and watch TV instead. Rock Star wasn’t good at any particular subject at school but he certainly wasn’t the worst either! The only subject he truly enjoyed was music and that was mainly due to his music teacher (Mr Taylor) and his amazing drumming skills.

However, Secondary School was hard for Rock Star. Mainly because he was always in trouble, and he found exams very hard, which resulted in him often failing!

In 2007, he got a job as a waiter at TGI Fridays. The reason why is because he loved the brownie, popcorn, caramel sauce and ice cream. He loved working there because it gave him lots of time to play the drums. Rock Star also spent his time trying to find bands that needed a drummer!

In 2010, Rock Star finally got his dream! He met the other band members in Triple O’s. Rickie, (Star Rock) Louise, (GaGa) and Mia (Pixie Flame) were sitting eating hamburgers and discussing their music, when he overhead them talking about their need for a drummer! Subsequently, Rock Star seized his moment and two months later, The Winged Weasels were formed!

Rock Star’s band has been very successful since that day. They are now getting ready for there first tour starting in Hong Kong! Their hit song is Broken Dreams that sold wildly across the globe!

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