Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Louise Gana (GaGa) was born in England in 1988. Her Mum – Joanne - worked as a fashion designer and her Dad - Barry worked as a banker for HSBC. Louise was an only child; consequently her parents spoilt her very much! They gave her anything she wanted. Luckily, that didn’t affect they way she acted.

At the age of 6, Louise started playing the piano, although she soon realised that was not her talent. After a while, Louise had tried the violin, trombone, tuba, flute and finally the drums. Surprisingly, not one of those instruments she could play. A few years later, she tried the bass guitar she was okay at playing it, but the main thing was she loved playing it! Once she had more practice, she eventually got the hang of it. Several years later, she was performing at fairs and charity shops.

In 1992, she attended Larkfield Primary School in England. School was very difficult for Louise because she struggled with her subjects, in particular her writing. Consequently, from the age of 5 -16, Louise had a tutor and went to Kumon, which is a learning class to help you improve. Her earliest memory at Primary School was when she was in year 2 and she was doing a Christmas show and she burst out crying right in the middle of it when it came to her part. Little did she know at that point that later in life she would learn to love the stage!

Louise really enjoyed Larkfield Secondary School; mainly because that was where Louise met her amazing bass guitar teacher, Edward Hayman. Later on in the first year of high school, she had already improved in her subjects. On the weekends Louise liked going to the Hall of Strings, which was a music theatre with only string instruments, such as, the bass guitar, guitar, violin, double bass, viola, harp and many more. Louise liked to listen to the music of the bass guitar. Louise’s earliest memory at secondary was when she was listening to music while in the middle of the lesson and got in massive trouble and it was only on the first week.

In 2006, Louise went to Oxford University and studied music. Although, upon graduation in 2009, she did not get a job in the music industry playing like she’s always dreamed of; although she did get a job at a music shop! Working there made Louise feel like she was missing out on recording her own music, so she quit her job and started playing for charities and volunteered for events!

In 2010 Louise finally got her dream! She met the other band members in Triple O’s. Rickie, (Star Rock) Louise, (GaGa) and Mia (Pixie Flame) were sitting eating hamburgers and discussing their music, when she overhead them talking about their need for a bass guitarist! Subsequently, Louise seized her moment and two months later, The Winged Weasels were formed!

Currently, they are preparing for their first tour in Asia, where they had their first big hit: Broken Dreams!

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